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XARIS is the leading partner in the automotive Cluster: Bank, Manufacturer and Dealer. XARIS offers unique digital management systems for high sophisticated industry-assistance in the field of risk management, audit as well as sales- and marketing- performance.

The intelligent combination of both, the world of internet and the power of traditional car-dealership, will be the key for more profitable, multi-channel sales-organisations.

XARIS focuses on digital control- and inspection solutions, the improvement of sales- and marketing- performance, as well as the optimization of collection management.

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  • Inventory

    Inventory Control

    SEPIA defines the new generation of wholesale financing.

  • Sales Performance

    Sales Performance

    Focused, real-time analytics to measure your sales performance .

  • Control & Inspection

    Control & Inspection

    Compliance needs to be evaluated.

    Workflow based self-assessments are a comfortable and cost-neutral way to ensure compliance.

  • Intervention


    Contract retention is our top priority.

    We provide top performance, - just measure us.



SEPIA sets the pace in risk management in the area of „wholesale financing“.

SEPIA enables an integrated essential “end-to-end” collateral-management-process. The cost intensive control and tracking of assets can be simplified and risk management will be defined by new levels. SEPIA represents a total shift of physical asset control to a new, digital generation of floor plan inspection.

SEPIA is the brilliant combination of reliable technologies, predictive risk-analysis and automated verification-processes. SEPIA inspires confidence between bank and dealer. The achieved transparency accelerates the status of partnership between bank and car dealer.


Costs of risks are significantly reduced. Risks can be tracked on a multi-dimensional level and actively controlled. The digital approach ensures high comfort and ease in execution.


The expansion of dealer networks into new prospering areas requires transparency. Business development can be digitally attended with SEPIA and provide the way to new revenues. Control creates confidence and security.

Car dealer

Time - intensive interruptions of business are past. Easy handling and direct access to vehicles and related registration documents speed up sales.

Securing Assets

Sales Performance

Do you know the actual performance of demo cars usage in the whole dealer network?
Do you know the persuasiveness of your marketing campaigns?
Are you aware about the customer satisfaction and emotions?

...and all this now, immediately and every time!

The average number of customer visits at the dealer site before buying a new car has dropped the last years from up to five to just one. Today, the customer is well informed via web about technical features an price, the test-drive is the last step in the buying decision. More than 80% of all customers do a test drive right before buying the car. This exactly is, where XARIS plugs in with DEMO CAR and creates the key for higher sales

In the age of social advertising daily diversified information about test-drives across all models, all regions and markets is a must for successfully sales. DEMO CAR by XARIS visualizes the sales and campaign-performance in real-time. Real customer trends and feedbacks enable immediate reaction and control of the sales strategy. The DEMO CAR solution is a fantastic management and monitoring tool for sales oriented executives in the automotive cluster.


Audit is your chance.

Daily business may effect the contractual behaviour and compliance of your dealer network.

XARIS' teams deliver the perfect combination of excellent services and innovative IT-solutions. This secures the basis for successful and trustful business relationships based on detailed knowledge of professional adjustments. XARIS services and IT solutions create a sustainable self-understanding of transparency and communication between all business-partners.



Control of fulfilment of contractual agreements.



Identify and manage risks.


Performance Verification

Control and measurement of confirmed metrics.


The aim of every intervention is the preservation of contracts and the attainment of the resumption of obligations, regulated by contract. The guarantee and utilization of mobile goods is the last consequence from dishonoured conditions. High costs on both sides can be avoided by immediate and pragmatic actions. XARIS achieves with a professional team brilliant performance figures. Banks and Partners appreciate the extraordinary power of XARIS, particularly in the international business.
LAST CALL from XARIS is a pioneer in digital development in the area of intervention, speeding up methodical collection processes.

  • - Early clarification in case of default
  • - Direct, personal contact with the defaulters
  • - Securitization and realization of mobile goods in the EU
  • - Flexibiltiy with XARIS LAST CALL
  • - Highest encryption standard
  • - Reporting
  • - Individual tailoring of approaches

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